“Photography allows me to become one with another human, lets me peek behind a smile and capture a moment in which their true nature shines through. This is what I consider actual beauty and documenting it, makes me happy.“

After successfully finishing her apprenticeship for photography, Nicole assisted a few well known German photographers. During this time she refined her technical skills and learned to apply them so as to optimally accentuate her subjects. At the same time she developed an uncanny ability for timing. Her inspirations came from photographers like Peter Lindbergh, Nick Knight and Richard Avedon.
As a photographers assistant she had lots of contact with models and their agencies. One of these agencies was so en-armored with Nicoleʼs personality that they offered her a job as a model agent. Nicole jumped at the chance to experience another side of the fashion business and over the years she has worked in Hamburg for PMA, in Miami for Ford Models and Sight Models in Barcelona.
12 years later she had to acknowledge that photography is her true passion and she dove head on back into what makes her happy. Armed with the knowledge gained during her time as a booker of what clients want and need, she is now able to optimize every shoot and extract the maximum from her protagonists.
Once a secret, Nicoleʼs talent is now well known all over Europe and the United States. Models and celebrities alike line up to have their image eternalized by her. The purity of her black and whites allow the viewer to find the essence of the person photographed and get emotionally involved. Many models have achieved international success because of Nicoleʼs photos.
She has been calling Mallorca home for 4 years now. The wildness and diversity plus the beautiful light on the island keep her inspired and make great settings for dramatic one of a kind shoots. For her, there is no bad weather or bad circumstances but instead the possibility of something new.

Her first exhibition is taking place in Palma de Mallorca at the well known Nassau Beach and will run from March 27th until June 1st, 2016.

Nicole was born in 1971 in Bergisch Gladbach. She is an outspoken animal activist. She owns 2 rescue dogs and three rescue horses.